Branding for an event to improve the image of the British Fashion Council and re-position them as an organisation which encourages body positivity. ‘The Big Con’ is intended to be a recurring event of fashion and comedy, to bring women together to celebrate their bodies. It’s aimed at women who typically have felt excluded from the fashion industry, and has an uplifting, inclusive and celebratory feel. 

How the work was produced:
My intention was to layer meaning within the illustrations; at first glance they appear abstract in shape and you just get a sense of the uplifting message through the colour palette. As the audience continues their interaction with the campaign, the illustrations are seen from different perspectives and revealed to be women in various, joyful, poses. I experimented a lot with the illustration style so it would allow me to blow the images up and create abstract shapes. I also produced the copy alongside the illustrations; I wanted to create snappy, upbeat phrases to accompany the main message and encourage positive interactions with the campaign.

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